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Trade Concept : the identity

Corporate branding and visual communication design ::  Trade Concept



Variation on different promotional media

Design of the brochure

The brochure lists – through its 4 main chapters – all the types of modules offered by the company, and all the machines intended for the installation of a complete and functional base. The entire catalog is punctuated by explanatory infographics, and it evolves in order to offer increasingly complete and autonomous solutions for all types of construction site.

The other supports

Different campaigns had to be designed, which is why all the graphics or diagrams have been broken down into product sheets and comparative infographics. A Corporate Gifts box adapted in real packaging was made to thank regular customers. Inside : a pen, a notepad, a USB key, a T-shirt and a cap bearing the company's image, and finally the brochure.

The greeting card for 2016 also took up this evolving concept of the range of modules, underlined by a calendar that allows utility throughout the year.

Front of the brochure about container productions
Front cover
View of brochure summary and company presentation
Presentation and summary
Introduction pages about services of living spaces building
Pages 2 and 3
Technical details pages about industrial containers
Pages 6 and 7
Technical details about electrical and lightning machines
Pages 26 and 27
Presentation of other services provided by the company
Ending Pages
Technical sheet about Standard range of containers
Standard range
Technical sheet about Worksite range of containers
Worksite range
Technical sheet about Autonomous range of containers
Autonomous range
Presentation of services provided about containers
Building services
Presentation of services provided about marine engines
Marine services
Graphic design of front card for new year 2015
2015 best wishes card - Ro
Graphic design of rear card 2015 with services presentation
2015 best wishes card - Vo
Front view of folder for new year 2016
2016 best wishes folder - Front
Panel of the folder for new year 2016
2016 best wishes folder - Panel
Internal view of folder for 2016 with calendar and services
2016 best wishes folder - Internal
Rear view of folder for new year 2016
2016 best wishes folder - Rear
Picture of packaging for company goodies with brochure, cap
Packaging with goodies
Trade Concept : the website
Guidebook on Alzheimer’s disease

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