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This page describes – in a large view – the conception of elodiebayet.com. What technologies were used and what design principles ? How did the process development go and what was the steps ?

The website responds to the 2 same goals since its first deploiement in 2017 and at each rebuild.

The first goal is to serve as project for a fullstack development “from scratch”. No framework is used for the Front-End or the Back-End development. Each “stack” is entirely designed and built on my own. The advantages is to stay up to date on different technologies, and also deepen and stengthen their knowledge.

The second goal is to list each technologies I know ; present each project I built – archived or not – ; and detail my processional and educational background. It's an iteractive portfolio.

Building process

As the only developper on this project, the conception process required a simple waterfall organisation.

To sum up : there was 3 versions of the specifications ; 2 versions of entities-associations diagram ; 4 versions of the database and it relational diagram ; 2 versions of the classes diagram.


The 1rst part of Specifications holds 3 sections :

  • Main description : describes goals to reach and the constrains to respect. Who is this website for and which innovations or ideas schould be used to develop.
  • Structural description : establishes SEO architecture with depth levels, defining site structure and content.
  • Applicative description : defines all functionalities and behavior of each page.


Architecture SEO
Architecture SEO
Wireframe for Desktop n°1
Wireframe n°1 - Desktop
Schéma Entités-Associations
Schéma Entités-Associations
Schéma relationnel
Schéma Relationnel

Back-End programming

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Front-End programming

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