Elodie Bayet :: Fullstack Web Developer & UI/UX Designer




  • Analytical mind
  • Reliability
  • Sense of ethics
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Autonomy
  • Thoughtful
  • Suitable decisions
  • Fortitude
  • Compliance with rules and technical standards

My main goal is to do meaningful work, with an ethical guidance for an inclusive and a responsible society, culturally enriched.

I do appreciate relevant decisions, based on factual analyzes and real needs. Authenticity and honesty are two important holders for altruistic and respectful collaboration.

About technic, my daily habits are – among other things – learning and progressing ; but also to carry out a technological introspection to reach a significant quality. Very structured and well organized, my strengths fit mainly in the architectural aspects.


Technical skills

Adobe Illustrator Logo

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Google Analytics

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Microsoft Access

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Guitar and music

Self-taught and passionnate since 2001 and mainly on electric models, those provide very sustained sounds and can go over of the equal temperament which are builded for. Actually if I have to choose a classical instrument it could be the violin or the cello.

My choices mainly target styles that require some erudition and virtuosity, and an extensive musical research. Those qualities we find in Classical music and Heavy Metal music – especially Progressive.

Science and IT

Full of curiosity and learning, I have a real interest in explanation of phenomena and the principles of system. If the fields can be vast – sociology, physics, astronomy, chemistry –, I am mainly attracted by the scientific approach – zetetic. Avoid reasoning biases to guard against fallacious arguments. This is exactly what fundamental values I defend : having relevant and rational approaches, reasoning based on observable and measurable facts.

Among the many sciences, information technology keeps a prominent place in my interests. It joins my technological watch and allows me to take an introspective look at my knowledges and my skills. Its social/environmental impact is a good driver to optimize and improve my designs. Develop quickly is not my principal objective ; but develop ecologically is. I always tent to minimize machine resources, to lighten requests and their processing.


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