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Showcase for Stereolab Headphones

Product-oriented corporate website :: Atila Network


  • JavaScriptIcon JavaScriptJavaScript
  • HTML 5Icon HTML 5HTML 5
  • CSS 3Icon CSS 3CSS 3
  • PHP 8Icon PHP 8PHP 8
  • Adobe IllustratorIcon Adobe IllustratorAdobe Illustrator
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Tiny website developed in minutes

While my mission at Atila Network company I produced several corporate websites to promote multiple products for international business and distributors. One of them was the Stereolab Headphones wich provide a simple design but different kind of colours.

This website is basic and developed with PHP on a XML dataset. In that way, each update was made quickly and easily. Due to it simple data structure and the document-oriented principle, this project has been accomplished in a very short time&nbps;: there’s no relational complexity and no integrity constrain. But this model only works if you are accurate and meticulous in the upade. The PHP program doesn’t return incomplete data but will not be reliable enough if a data isn’t conforme.

Screenshot of Home page from Stereolab Headphones website
Home page
Screenshot of Gallery page from Stereolab Headphones website
Gallery page
Screenshot of Contact page from Stereolab Headphones website
Contact page
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