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Supervisory powers of the European Parliaments

Governmental corporate website ::  European Parliament



An example of usuals web developments

The mission

The European Parliament’s website project was named Europarl Galaxy and the differents section of the project was sorted as internal planets, external planets or satellites.

Developments with HTML / CSS / JavaScript

As usual, all the website source code was entirely writen by our own. We had to develop our own libraries and our own templates Front-End without any framework.

I was integrated in the Webmaster Team that was in charge of the development of the section About Parliament. This part contains different pages about actions, missions and how the European Parliament works. And this example is one of the usual developments that fall to our team.

Top view of page about supervisory powers in EU Parliament
Part 1 of the Page
Mid view of page about supervisory powers in EU Parliament
Part 2 of the Page
Bottom view of page for supervisory powers in EU Parliament
Part 3 of the Page
Election observation from the European Parliament
Citizens’ initiative in the European Parliament

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