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Corporate website ::  Le Petit Paris



The last web project

I was finishing my studies at this time so all these professional experiences were conclued with the corporate web site for the cafe Also developed with Adobe Flash and coded in Action Script 3. Simple, aesthetic, and inspired by Nico’s sketches, the usual DJ for every nights organised by Le Petit Paris.

Fundamentally it’s the same model as the Please! Website&nbs;: the pages are built in multiple movie-clips as objects, and each of them is called on the main board according to the events of every interface element.

Screenshot of Introduction page of Le Petit Paris in 2008
Introduction page
Screenshot of Home page of Le Petit Paris in 2008
Home page
Screenshot of Agenda page of Le Petit Paris in 2008
Agenda page
Screenshot of tGallery page of Le Petit Paris in 2008
Gallery page
Screenshot of Contact page of Le Petit Paris in 2008
Contact page
Digital rebuilt of iPhone 1
Website for the Please! night

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