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Teacher IT

In 2019 and 2020 I taught Front-End and Back-End development technologies in professional tuitions at non-profit association Interface3.Namur. All courses intended for job seakers who desire to learn or change their career plan into Web professions.

While this mission some othes courses was on my charge. Those were in a wide range of ICT like office computing – MS Word, MS Access et MS Excel – and basics computer science.

Andragogy in technical domains

The more complicated task of andragogy in computer sciences is to provide flexible and individual vulgarization but close enought to the reality of domains. To me, building diagrams help beginners to understand a very abstract topic. Despite of time consuming, I always build-up good course materials and appropriate, and accurate structures – Table of contents – because there are keys for a progressive learning.

Conceptual Data Model from Database / DBMS lessons
Page of Conceptual Data Model
Integrity Constraints from Database / DBMS lessons
Page of Integrity Constraints
Cardinality of Associations from Database / DBMS lessons
Page of Cardinality of associations
Partial-Overlapping Heritage from Database / DBMS lessons
Page of Partial-Overlapping Heritage
Relationship Many-to-Many from Database / DBMS lessons
Page of Relationship Many-to-Many
Multiple Arguments in functions from Python lessons
Page of Multiple Arguments in functions
Compilation in C# from C# programming lessons
Page of Compilation in C#
View of WPF application from C# programming lessons
C# WPF final Application
Node.js Environment from JavaScript lessons
Page of Node.js Environment
View of a source code about Object Model in JavaScript
Source code of Object Model
Creating Cookies from PHP lessons
Page of Creating Cookie
PDOStatement and Query from PHP lessons
Page of PDOStatement and Query
View of source code about Date Manipulation in PHP
Source code of Date Manipulation
View of source code about Operators in PHP
Source code of Operators
View of exercice on form building in HTML / CSS
Form building in HTML-CSS
View of final exercice about pages building in HTML / CSS
Static Site in HTML-CSS
Wickerwork De Saule et de Rotin

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